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This news mainly introduced the whole production circle of Which is better for pop cans aluminum slugs or steel slugs

Which is better for pop cans, aluminum slugs or steel slugs?

Posted on June 22, 2010 in: Event
Which is better for pop cans, aluminum slugs or steel slugs?

Many people are confused about differences between aluminium slugs for tubes and steel ones. In our daily life we can not avoid drinking beverage kept in pop cans. Some observant people notice material difference among the cans. Take porridge cans and beer cans for example. Not a few people in China like porridge with eight kinds of beans. When I was a child, I cleaned the can after finishing drinking the porridge, and used it to contain water. It was just a game of a young boy, but a few days later, I felt depressed because the can was covered with iron rust. Some cans, like beer cans, however, remain bright and beautiful even after a long time. I could not figure out the reason, but I believe that readers can. Right, these bright cans were made of aluminium slug for tubes and rusty one steel slug for tubes. What’s the difference, then?
aluminium slugs for tubes have the following advantages while being used for production of pop cans.
First, it withstands shocks more strongly than glass and steel, because it boasts better tensile strength.
Second, it’s much letter than any other candidates of materials. It weighs only one third of steel and much lighter than glass. A pop can made of aluminum slug for tubes only has a weight of 14g.
Third, it’s convenient to stack them.
Fourth, they are non-transparent, so the liquid food inside will not be influenced by light. Fifth, if the cans are filled with beer, the beer can be pasteurized after the cans have been sealed.
This guarantees aseptic conditions for the food. Last but not least, pop cans are disposable containers, and they can be recycled efficiently only when they are made of aluminium slug for tubes. Steel cans proves to of little recyclable value.
Based on the story above we can conclude that aluminium slugs for tubes have better corrosion resistance. After being made into cans, they obtain a layer of oxidation film whose strong stability helps protect inner aluminium from being oxidized. Besides, they have better tensile strength and lighter weight. Although steel slug manufacturers declare that steel can be as tensile and light as aluminium slugs, it’s only a strategy to promote their products. Extensibility and small density are two natural advantages of aluminum over other metals. Besides, aluminium slugsfor tubes beat steel slug for tubes from an environmental point of view. Reclamation depots welcome aluminium cans but refuses to take steel ones, because aluminium products have larger recyclable value. They can be recycled almost by 100 percent. Then why do steel cans still win popularity? The core reason lies in price. Steel cans cost less than aluminium cans, for their production entail less advanced technology. Aluminium can manufacturers in China still need to import production lines which cost tens of million dollars each.

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